Chance to boost kids with skills

SCHOOL holidays have become more than just holidays but an opportunity to learn life skills.

A hundred pupils over seven provinces and 45 camps are being given a chance to take part in the Castrol smart kids holiday programme that takes place over a period of five days.

The pupils of Leresche Primary School in Soweto were visited by former World Cup star Marcel Desailly, who took part in some of the activities and showed them some soccer skills.

"It's been a real eye-opener for me to learn how much of a struggle to get through life staying healthy. It's great to see the power of football working in such a positive way," said Desailly.

Launched in September 2009 by Castrol and an NGO, Grassroot Soccer, the programme uses the language of football and other sports and games to teach them HIV-Aids awareness.

Jomo Sono, who also showed the kids some soccer skills, said: "I am humbled because we started here, played on gravel, these kids must take this opportunity."

Soccer veteran Marks Maponyane said: "This will keep the kids out of the streets, and it's not just playing games it's also life skills.

"While they play they will also learn something."