Tragic Cope saga continues as it crumbles

MBHAZIMA Shilowa' s "new plan to save Cope" would be laughable had it not been so tragic. What does Shilowa take Cope members or even South Africans for?

Are we such gullible imbeciles that we cannot see through his latest shenanigans at grabbing power at any cost?

How sad that the Cope soap opera has not ended. It started off as Shikota, amid much fanfare about a viable and credible alternative to the ANC.

How times have changed since the supposedly fledging party was offering hope to South Africans. Even in my wildest imagination I never thought Cope would disintegrate this rapidly.

When it was said that those serving the so-called divorce papers to the ANC was an angry, power-hungry bunch of sore losers, this was dismissed as a red herring.

But recent shenanigans have vindicated those assertions. Otherwise, how does one explain a party that spends all its time in a shambolic conference or in court?

Is this not the party that anointed itself the custodian of our Constitution and proponent of the rule of law?

Allegations of embezzlement of parliamentary funds, vote-rigging and undermining of court judgements do not augur well for Cope.

One cannot be a proponent of the rule of law and independence of the judiciary only when it is convenient.

Clearly, there is another messy divorce looming as the ongoing saga points to a Cope-Lekota and Cope-Shilowa a la Movement for Democratic Change style.

Mogomotsi Mogodiri,Johannesburg