Open toilets are insult to blacks

THOUGH no reasonable person will promote damage to any assets belonging to the state, the Western Cape government's decision to build open toilets for black people is a serious outrage.

To me all this is as a result of a cabinet packed with white males because if one genuine black person had been part of that cabinet he or she would have reminded Helen Zille and her bunch of racists that blacks, like whites, deserve some dignity.

It is a known fact that the majority of blacks in Cape Town and nationally are victims of high levels of unacceptable unemployment, thereby living in raw poverty. So it is absurd for any political party to expect these people to raise money to enclose the toilets.

Black parents and their children had to suffer the humiliation of relieving themselves in public , thus suffering an indignity worse than apartheid humiliation.

Zille would never dream of doing this to her white brothers and sisters.

While blaming the ANCYL for their response, we should take note that this matter was raised more than once with the City of Cape Town and Zille disregarded all the calls. She confirmed her disregard for black dignity by insisting that the city would only rebuild the toilets if the owners enclose the toilets themselves.

If one takes into account all the corruption and wastage that is taking place in Cape Town, I find it difficult to understand why Zille refuses to get the money to enclose the toilets

Luther Lebelo, Kyalami