Cope in web hacking row

THE Congress of the People's Shilowa faction say they will discipline Phillip Dexter for allegedly hacking into the party's website.

But Dexter, who is Mosiuoa Lekota's right-hand man, said he had no idea who hacked the website.

On Wednesday night the Cope homepage was suddenly changed to read: "COPE Website Infected by the F VIRUS. The F VIRUS is a factional train-type virus which infected this site, some provinces and some regions.

"The antidote has been administered - it consists mostly of TRUTH, HONESTY and UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION. This antidote is extremely effective against this type of virus and as soon we are satisfied that the infection has been curtailed throughout the COPE structures, a honest and objective website will be available," said the website.

There was also a photo of an office, empty except for some packed suitcases. "Has Dr Dandala resigned or is it just a temporary virus infection? As soon as the antidote takes effect this office will be occupied again," said a caption next to the photo.

The message was online for about 16 hours before Cope's computer wizards shut down the site entirely.

By yesterday afternoon nobody from either faction had claimed responsibility for the hacking.