Rally round Bafana and respect anthem

THOUGH every minute counts and good performance in the last soccer game does not guarantee victory in the next game, it was such a good thing to observe during the last nine matches and the game against Denmark on Saturday June 5 how our national coaching team has managed to build and nurture a sense of urgency, tactical confidence and a fighting spirit in Bafana Bafana.

By the way, this is the same national coaching team (particularly head coach Carlos Parreira) that was condemned by some "knowledgeable" South Africans for saying they needed more time to build a fighting squad because our development and professional sides had some weaknesses.

Suddenly all the loud critics who used to condemn the coaching team; and even boldly say our country did not have the capacity to host the Fifa Soccer World Cup, are surprisingly silent.

They are silent because everything is ready for the tournament.

We just need to give more respect to our national anthem, Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika by standing to attention and refraining from walking about, talking, laughing, eating, taking pictures, chewing and even smoking during the singing of the national anthem.

This reflects badly on our sense of patriotism. Since we are now left with a day before the soccer "war", let us rally round Bafana Bafana during this tournament, particularly during our first three matches with Mexico, Uruguay and France.

Mayihlome, Ehlasele!

Hope Mankwana Papo, ANC - Gauteng Provincial Legislature, Johannesburg