Help your skin glow all through winter

WINTER has already set in. This does not mean you should not look good. After all, we are hosting the world and it is important that we all look good.

The snag with winter is that the season brings a challenge to every complexion.

Kerry Evans, Bobbi Brown brand manager, says that oil glands just below the surface of the skin become relatively inactive and produce less moisture than usual.

"If your skin feels dry, then use a cream or oil-based cleanser that moisturises as it cleanses. A healthy diet, generous amounts of sunscreen, plenty of water and exercise all help prevent sallow, dry, winter skin. Combined with a good skin-care regime, choosing the right colour make-up will have you glowing through the gloomy months," advises Evans.

For foundation that is too drying, Evans advises that you add extra moisture to your skin. Simply wear a richer day cream or lotion than the one you use in summer.

She says pastel eye colours tend to make skin look more washed out.

"It is advisable for people to go for colours such as gold, brown, berry or mauve this winter.

"Grey also works very well for that smoky-eye effect, which is perfect for night time. Finish off with eyeliner and a good mascara. For natural-looking flushed cheeks, go for berry and mauve blushers. Finally, using a moisture treatment lip colour hydrates and improves the condition of your lips as well as adding a hint of colour or gloss," Evans says.

Hints and tips by Bobbi Brown to keep your winter skin glowing:

l A healthy diet is essential for good skin;

l Wear sunscreen every day of the year. Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays;

l Exercise is a skin-care essential. Vigorous exercise increases blood flow, which brings more oxygen to the skin and cleanses impurities;

l Avoid excessive sun exposure, smoking and alcohol;

l Learn to recognise the various conditions that affect your skin such as stress, medication, travel, a bad diet etc, and you will be able to choose the right skin care and make-upproducts.