Peugeot 3008 a real darling

IT IS exactly one day before the start of the World Cup tournament at Soccer City in Johannesburg.

As a result our normal motoring activities have been curtailed drastically. So I decided to enjoy the Peugeot 3008 1.6 THP that has been living with me for almost two months.

Since its launch earlier this year it has been the French manufacturer's darling model.

Depending on your definition of beauty, the Peugeot 3008 is beautiful in my eyes.

The front, which many of my fellow motoring writers don't like, looks intimidating. But personally, I like an aggressive-looking car.

Moving to the interior it becomes crystal clear that these guys know what they are doing. The panaronic roof is just right for anyone who is stressed.

Driving a long distance to visit my grandmother in Mpumalanga, the 3008's interior soothed my soul.

The Peugeot crossover came into the market when it was not expected.

From the comfort of the seats to the numerous convenience features the 3008 is a perfect family mover.

That it's a crossover comes as a bonus considering that the roads are not as smooth out in the country.

The 3008 1,6THP is fitted standard with ESP and dynamic roll control.

I normally rate the comfort of a car by the comments my son and niece make or the manner in which they behave.

If there's fighting and screaming then I know they've got nothing to keep them busy or calm them down.

As we travelled on the busy Moloto Road, the kids enjoyed watching the scenery quietly.

The 3008 benefits from a very efficient climate control air-conditioning system. It employs four vents in the fascia panel, heating ducts for the feet of the front and rear occupants, as well as two adjustable vents for the rear passengers.

If only the folk at Peugeot SA could make car parts easily available for the customers then the 3008 could stand a good chance to lead this segment.