No, not Madiba

LEAVE Nelson Mandela out of this murky business deal.

The world's most famous granddad - Nelson Mandela - can only be associated with self- sacrifice and best wishes for all.

That grandson Zondwa Mandela is managing director of a mining group being dragged through the mud has nothing to do with Madiba.

Our iconic figure must, like the rest of sensible folks, be worried by Zondwa's actions.

The young Mandela's Aurora Grootvlei Mine in Springs has not paid some of its workers for more than two months.

With partner Khulubuse Zuma, President Jacob Zuma's nephew, Zondwa has been giving workers the run-around for far too long.

This when Madiba strives nonstop for human dignity for all.

The departments of mining, labour and trade and industry must review the licence of the two men. The departments have been too lenient for comfort.

They must take up the cudgels for the starving workers to counter claims that political connection is all that one needs to run amok.