Labour unions must stay out of politics

THE whirlwind between Zwelinzima Vavi, Cosatu and the ANC leadership is an indication that direct involvement of labour organisations in politics does not work and is wrong.

The ultimate and ideal situation would be that worker unions remain neutral and allow members to align themselves with political parties of their choice.

In South Africa this does not necessarily mean the ANC will lose its historical support. The past brought about this situation but the ANC must now revisit this dilemma.

When Cosatu is more aligned to the ruling party there will be limits and natural expectations of protocol regarding the raising of matters, including economic policies and corruption.

Members of the alliance will always have specific channels to air commonalities, differences and challenges without ridiculing each other in public to the joy of the opposition, otherwise the ruling party will be crippled.

It is very suspect that well-informed members of the alliance dance to every media allegation with passionate expectations that the Presidency will track "suspects", unless they know something we do not know which they are not even willing to hand over to the relevant law-enforcing agencies.

SA has adequate, well-equipped and tested safety, security and judicial systems and every citizen, including Vavi, is expected to hand over relevant information to deal with crime of any sort.

As much as the ANC should not be destructed by corrupt leaders, it should not be destructed by selfish sideline leaders who respect the alliance only when it suits them.

Kagiso Sedumedi, Pretoria