Leaders to blame for high level of corruption

INDEED, the wellknown aphorism: "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely", is alive and well in South Africa if the emerging disturbing trend of corruption, compounded by tenderpreneurship, is anything to go by.

As long as the majority of our people are the recipients of this disturbing trend, poverty and extreme inequality between the rich and poor will forever remain with us. The staggering level of corruption we are witnessing is the result of a lack of accountability from our leaders.

Instead of demanding explanations from our leaders when they are alleged to have been involved in illicit dealings, we loudly proclaim them as victims of a conspiracy.

The same applies when leaders pillage state resources to enrich themselves with impunity. Liberation and freedom can never be equated to a system where a small elite with political ties benefits while the majority are bathing in abject poverty.

Puleng Mmial, Seokodibeng