Venter is right about HIV

03 June 2010 - 02:00
By unknown

ANDRÉ Venter of the University of the Free State believes there is a "tsunami" of HIV pupils coming to public schools in the future.

He also believes that the government has failed to adequately prepare for the needs of these scholars in terms of medication and developmental therapy.

I fear that the professor is a lone, rational voice in the wilderness at the moment and that the government is likely to wait until the tsunami actually arrives before doing anything to help those pupils, which should come under the heading: Too little, too late.

We cannot be like ostriches and bury our heads in the sand. HIVpositive pre-primary and primary school children are most likely already a reality and the scope of the problem is glossed over.

What we need to do is find supplemental actions to boost the lifespan and health of such children.

Providing meals at schools, growing school gardens and hiring proper HIV nurses are ways in which we can put a dent in HIV-related absenteeism.

The problem is that the government would rather waste money on tenderpreneurs than put that money into child-based policies that show results.

Which is a pity, because we are participating in indirect genocide when we don't have to.

Vincent Earp, DA Johannesburg