Marvellous models, ghastly gear

IT was with much pleasure that we attended an Alushi party at the fabulous club Moloko in Rosebank.

Alushi is a modelling company owned by sexy Sashi Naidoo, who is married to the equally naughty and funny Mark Sandler.

It was another models' party with tall girls in short skirts that look like belts. Naidoo said they were celebrating because 15 Alushi models were part of FHM 's sexiest list this year, the highest number from one agency . The party was sizzling as the Moët and Veve flowed.

Sexy actress Carmel Fischer was there in an outfit that would have been better worn to entertain the blind since looked great except for that ghastly short-sleeved fake fur jacket that looked as if it had been grabbed from a toddler. The lovely lass had a great time with her long-time lover George Georgeas. Fischer is now a face and co-owner of 3 Shades