Will Zamani findtrue love in Ntombi?

THE storyline of South Africa's longest-running soapie Generations is so full of twists and turns these days.

Just as the viewers were warming up to Senzo and Jason's gay relationship and Paul's cheating on Karabo with Dineo, love is in the air again. A love-struck Zamani seems to be ready to pounce on a distraught Ntombi after Sibusiso turned his back on her.

The Ntombi-Sibusiso-Zamani love-triangle makes for interesting viewing. Maturing fast, loyal, smart and itching for Ntombi's arms around him, Zamani is a prospect Ntombi will find hard to resist.

Poor Sarah, now that she has finally emerged from Khethiwe's shadow, she is winning the war of exorcising Cleo's ghost - if the ring is anything to go by.

Contrary to fears that the inclusion of the homosexual storyline in Generations would alienate sensitive viewers, the treatment has actually made it palatable to those homophobic individuals.

There is no doubt that it was the mother of all shocks when the dishy Jason Malinga shunned all the girls for the shy, country bumpkin Senzo, who spent most of his initial days in town stammering and stuttering.

In spite of not being a smart Alec, Senzo has always been sure of one thing: that he is gay and has never been with a woman - nor desires one.

After the initial hullaballoo, most of the soapie's diehard fans have relaxed a bit now that they have realised that the relationship is being treated so sensitively - no kissing on the belly button, touching around the loins or suckling each other's tongues. For all you know, they could be friends.

Imagine if it was happening in countries like Malawi where two gay lovers ended up in prison just for loving each other enough to want to tie the knot!