WHEN the World Cup kicks off next Friday, make sure you do not look like you are wearing a potato bag.

WHEN the World Cup kicks off next Friday, make sure you do not look like you are wearing a potato bag.

According to Uyanda Mbuli of Diamond Face Couture, fashion jerseys make a fashion statement and you can wear your Bafana jersey and show savvy style.

She says wearing soccer jerseys like those worn by soccer players has been a trend for ages.

"With the growing enthusiasm for the World Cup, wearing soccer jerseys have become a fashion statement, especially among soccer lovers."

Mbuli says there are two general rules of thumb. First, choose proper-fitting, stylish pieces that can be matched with the rest of your wardrobe. Second, wear only one item at a time. There's no need to cover yourself from head to toe in Bafana colours to show people where your loyalties lie.

If you are a fashionista, you can loosen up with a much softer look, while maintaining your sex appeal.

How do you do that?

l Mbuli advises fans to first think about where they will be wearing their jersey.

"For example, a night out getting drinks with friends might require a different ensemble than the one you will choose to your team's soccer game.

"While you're in the cheering section, soccer fashion need not match, coordinate or even make sense. Your competitive spirit will be enough to carry you past the strange looks a particularly garish soccer outfit might elicit."

l Soccer jerseys are distinctive and colourful, so think about pairing them with basic jeans for a casual get-together. The textures of the fabrics are also attention-grabbing so a simpler bottom piece keeps the eye focused on the jersey. The V-neck jerseys can look quite sporty with khaki pants, while regular round-neck jerseys suit a casual pair of jeans or shorts perfectly.

l Consider soccer shoes. For years, soccer shoes by famous makers have had a hold on the footwear market and they look great.

The black ones with subtle white or multi-coloured trim are discreet, but comfortable while the more colourful, eye-catching designs look festive and fun.

l Write your name or that of your favourite soccer player at the back of your T-shirt.


H Along with a proper Bafana Bafana tee, a cap might be the only other accessory you can wear in your daily life. Follow cap etiquette: Don't wear them on dates, take them off at the dinner table, and so on.

H Make sure the colours you're wearing don't clash with the colour of your cap.

H Only wear a scarf on game day and make sure the colour matches your outfit.

H If you're wearing it on game day, make sure the rest of your outfit matches the colour of the scarf. Tie it around your neck in a trendy knot and try matching it with a fun tee or a cool track jacket.

H You love your team and you naturally want to cover every bit of your body with their colours. But before you get out the face paint, stop and think: Is this what a fashionable person as myself should do? There must be a better way to express my devotion without compromising my style reputation, right? Right!

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