SABC has hurt all Balobedu

AS A proud Molobedu I was deeply upset by SABC sports commentator David Kekana's rude behaviour. As MC he removed songstress Candy Mokoena from the stage during the network's Football Friday event in Auckland Park.

Mokoena, who sings in Khelobedu, was invited by the SABC to perform . While singing her first song Kekana removed her because he said her music was too slow and people did not understand Khelobedu.

Mokoena is an award-winning artist and the SABC acknowledged that by inviting her. Coincidentally, just a day after this incident the Kara Heritage Institute celebrated Africa Day with the launch of the book, The Modjadji Dynasty by Mathole Motshekga, in celebration of Balobedu queens and their language. Mokoena was the guest performer.

Kekana needs to recognise that this country is multicultural and that the SABC and the 2010 Fifa World Cup are for everyone.

When Thobela FM and Capricorn FM in Limpopo or SABC TV plays maskandi music, for instance, all the people might not understand the language, but they do not protest or refuse to pay SABC TV licences.

It is indeed sad when an African belittles African culture and floods the SABC with imported Western music.

I, like many Balobedu, took serious offence at Kekana's actions. I ask that he and the SABC issue a public apology to Mokoena and to all Balobedu. As TV licence payers we are their employers.

Ngwako Carrel Gaffane, Midrand