Manyi is right and media is no sacred cow

THE recent unprecedented avalanche of media attacks on Black Management Forum president and Labour director-general Jimmy Manyi are mischievous.

Despite the attacks on him Manyi continues to lead the BMF with conviction .

It has become clear that the attacks manifested themselves after the director-general questioned media freedom relating to President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma.

I question the attacks and ask: on what were they based ? Does this mean that ordinary citizens like you and I cannot question anything relating to the media because of fear of victimisation?

If that is the case it means the section of Chapter Two of the Constitution relating to the freedom of expression for all citizens, should be removed and should read "freedom of expression for the press and media only".

It simply means that anyone questioning the media becomes an enemy.

Leaders like Manyi will remain vilified simply because they say it like it is. They don't massage the truth nor are theyapologetic to please some at the expense of others.

In the light of all this some newspaper reports have gone as far as to try and divide the Labour Ministry as well as Manyi's incontrovertible working relationship despite numerous media statements by the minister that he preferred Manyi for the position of labour director-general.

If protecting those people who need protection and leading with substance, conviction and goodwill, like Manyi, makes a person controversial, then I wish to be controversial myself.

Gabriel Mothiba, Pretoria.