'Life is a joy with my kids'

SARAH Jessica Parker's son has finally accepted his twin sisters.

SARAH Jessica Parker's son has finally accepted his twin sisters.

The Sex and the City 2 actress - who has seven-year-old James Wilkie and 11-month-old twins Marion and Tabitha with husband Matthew Broderick - has admitted her oldest child took a long time to adjust to the new additions to their family.

She said: "It was an adjustment and we worked very hard to make him feel like his whole world hadn't changed.

"But then something happened in March. When babies turn seven or eight months they're really interesting to other people beyond their parents, and he fell in love with them."

The 45-year-old star admitted her son has now grown incredibly protective of his younger siblings.

She added to US TV talk show host David Letterman: "He said, 'I wouldn't mind at all if I made fun of them all day long, but I would hate to hear anyone else make a joke about them.' I also reminded him that should also apply to his mother."

The actress recently spoke of her joy of being a mother-of-three.

She said: "Having my boy and now the twins, life is delightful.

"When I used to come to London, my first stop was Harvey Nichols, but now it's all about Hamleys toy shop.

"The girls couldn't be more different. One is constantly looking around and reaching out, the other is serious and slightly aloof."

Marion and Tabitha were delivered on June 22 last year via a surrogate mother. - Bang