Stofile cannot rescue boxing on his own

SPORTS Minister Makhenkesi Stofile is stuck in the mud on boxing matters.

SPORTS Minister Makhenkesi Stofile is stuck in the mud on boxing matters.

And for as long as he is in that situation, the future of the pugilistic sport in the country is bleak.

This is my view after having partly gone through his plan of action after a two-day convention in March.

Stofile made it clear that the purpose of the convention was to discuss the national interest of boxing, including both the amateur and professional arenas, and not just the affairs of Boxing South Africa.

"It created a forum for all interested stakeholders, government and non-governmental, to gather and engage with each other, so that a bright and sustainable future could be charted for the sport of boxing in the country," Stofile states.

Unlike in other parts of the African continent and the world, Boxing SA is regulated by an Act of Parliament.

Stofile feels that despite the legal framework being in place, "the boxing fraternity has experienced several challenges that have resulted in ineffective and inefficient control of boxing across the country".

"In particular, the administration of boxing is fundamentally problematic and cannot sustain the sport."

Stofile stressed that there were harsh criticisms made at the Budget vote debate on April 22 in Cape Town against the financial administration of Boxing SA, in particular the huge deficit in its budget.

The truth is that all is not well but Stofile cannot pull the sport out of the quagmire on his own.

Even if he wants to act, laws governing this country prevent him from doing so.

But if stakeholders vigorously demonstrate their will to turn the misfortunes of their sport around for the better, then Stofile's motivation to Parliament for the amendment of the Act will carry weight.

But if stakeholders fail to take advantage of the current situation, where there are open lines of communication, then Stofile will remain stuck in the mud.

That will delay the sport's march to a brighter future.