Honing writing skills

A WRITING workshop for aspiringstorytellers whose ideas are larger than life is scheduled to take place on June 5 and 6 at Sasani Studios in Highlands North, Johannesburg.

To be run by Writing Studio, the workshop is aimed at sharpening the storytelling skills and developing their craft.

Workshop participants will learn the fundamentals of building and telling a compelling story, and how to effectively dramatise ideas, characters and the plot.

The workshop explores the journey from the inspiration of an idea, through the writing process to the planning and start of a first draft of a screenplay that will become the blueprint for a film, TV series or stage play.

Trainer Daniel Dercksen says the workshop focuses on what it takes to be a screenwriter in South Africa, and introduces seven easy steps to explore strengths and weaknesses.

He says the workshop was also an introduction to the world of filmmaking, and teaches writers how to read and interpret the fascinating language of film. It also teaches writers how to evaluate and analyse film, TV and theatre constructively.

Dercksen adds that such workshops will afford budding screenwriters an opportunity to understand the principles of telling a story in pictures, dialogue and description.

"The course turns theory into practice and ideas inside out. It explores the full dramatic or comedic potential of stories and empowers storytellers to write a compelling story that will reflect the uniqueness of their culture, history and experience."