Cup legacy

WITH the country in the firm grip of Kaká, Messi and Ronaldo mania, you'd be hard-pressed to recall names other than these well-paid, fine-toned athletes.

But the roll-call reads like a team sheet on its own: Robin Goode, Steve Bloomfield, Joe Latakgomo, Peter Alegi, Oshebeng Alphie Koonyaditse, Brian Glanville ...

These are all people who have written books about the game of soccer - about the country or continent involved or the fascinating history of the World Cup itself.

The timing of the various launches is no state secret.

One is punted as "a book which stands head and shoulders above the masses of books being churned out for the World Cup".

The legacy of the tournament will indeed be wide and varied and one can only hope that the books will engender a culture of serious reading well beyond July 11 2010.