YOU'RE the head honcho of your company. You drive a big diesel car, you power dress and your bank account is as fat as your ass - but as far as relationships are concerned you are a failure . Men simply do not even look your way.

They think you are not "girlfriend or wife material" and do not want you to be the mother of their children because you are too caught up in your career.

So is there hope for new-age women who want everything from life as well as a successful career?

Yes, there is, say Jennifer Wilkov and Kimberly Mylls, authors of Boys Before Business: The Single Girl's Guide to Having It All.

They say if you put your relationship before everything else, you will have a great love life and a rocking career. So putting your man first could be your smartest career move.

A woman should prepare to meet the man of her dreams by literally clearing space in her closet for him, they say.

It is important for women to prepare themselves and their environment so that when the man walks into their home there's physical and emotional space for him.

Their theory is based on personal experience. They claim that their philosophy works because they have great men and great careers.

They suggest that women should put themselves first, their relationships second and their careers last. And the same goes for boyfriends or husbands. They should also put you before their careers, they submit.

Devote time and energy to your man just as you do to work commitments, which means scheduling dates with your man and not breaking them, they advise.

"If you have a fight with your man and then go to work, it's going to disrupt your performance. The opposite is also true. When you put him first you get his encouragement and support in all aspects of your life, including your career. You'll perform better at work when you have a loving support structure at home."

So, girls, put him first and your career will flourish. Tips from on the best of both worlds.

Set boundaries.

In managing a career and a relationship, the first thing to do is to set boundaries and establish some ground rules. Define early on in the relationship what you want and just how far you can sacrifice one at the expense of the other.

He will appreciate the honesty. It will also help clear things and define just where the relationship starts.

Prioritising work does not mean you love him less and prioritising your family does not mean that you are not committed to your career.

Anticipate problemswith schedules

Emergency deadlines and unexpected appointments are not new to work, especially if you are holding an important position. This can lead to cancelled dates or forgotten anniversaries.

To prevent disagreements and misunderstandings it is important to anticipate things and talk about this kind of situation before it happens.

Though you have already talked about it, when the situation arises, apologise and make up afterwards.

Set time for each other

You can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. Making a success of your personal and professional life just needs proper time management.

While work is also an important part of your life, do not make it the centre of your existence. Allot time for your partner. Set a specific night in a week when you both can go out and just be together.

Work is work, love is love

If you are having problems at work, do not take them home.