Teachers can have their say

I REFER to Kabelo Motshabi's letter, "Teachers leading pupils astray", in Sowetan of May 27.

I REFER to Kabelo Motshabi's letter, "Teachers leading pupils astray", in Sowetan of May 27.

Motshabi sounds like a person who does not have any knowledge of what is going on in teaching and education in South Africa. Or perhaps he just likes to read newspaper articles and watch the news on TV in the absence of critical thinking and viewing!

I cannot see him in the South African teaching fraternity of today because of the way he thinks a school is only about teaching and pupils and teachers are mere robots.

I think the apartheid era, when teachers were not allowed to present their views, died long ago.

He has failed to research the issue in Soweto . Do you think teachers would simply assault their boss without justification?

Would those teachers just abandon their pupils to go and support the said five teachers?

I condemn violence and the abandonment of learners during school hours but, realistically, this is the only language they could use to support their comrades.

Anything is possible in Mzansi nowadays. It could be that the five teachers are wrongfully accused of having assaulted their principal because the principal wanted to get rid of them.

Since his place is in Noordwyk, originally a whites-only place and a place of status of some sort, why is he talking about the issues of Soweto? Is he a Sowetan this time or is he just intruding on issues that do not concern him?

He sound like a DA member. The DA has made Sadtu the place where they can relieve their stress. Not a week passes without the DA picking on Sadtu .

Tlou Choshi, Barnato Park

High School, Johannesburg