Transforming normal girls into Perfect Galz

ONCE relationship coach Mandisa Mahlobo starts talking about her work nothing and no one can stop her until she gets the desired results.

ONCE relationship coach Mandisa Mahlobo starts talking about her work nothing and no one can stop her until she gets the desired results.

The energetic, results-driven trendsetter and initiator hardly ever lets the grass grow under her feet.

Having shifted her focus from being a marketer and corporate communicator to become a relationship coach, life has been more fulfilling for this initiator.

Her zest for life and passion to help people resulted in her launching Perfect Gal, a programme she initiated in 2006 to help women with their relationship problems.

Mahlobo, a divorced mother of three, said it was during one of her "talkative spells" after her divorce that the idea to help women with their relationships was born.

"I talk a lot and somehow when I talk people listen so it happened that during one of my talk spells some women were listening," she says.

Mahlobo, who describes her work as a calling, says she equipped herself by doing extensive research on relationships and also used her own experience.

"I wanted to know why some relationships worked and others failed," Mahlobo says.

"During my research I stumbled on the art of seduction. I learnt that seduction was not what the media has made it out to be, - you know, sex, fishnet stockings, whips and the like. I found out that seduction was pure psychology. I researched it, learnt it, practised it and taught it to all the women who came to me for help."

Mahlobo, a keen marathon runner, says her coaching sessions are not aimed at couples.

"We work with the individual who still wants the relationship to work," she explains.

"We don't coach couples at all. We arm women with relationship skills. You see, when you empower a woman you have empowered the whole nation.

"We are helping 21st century woman to employ old-fashioned skills in order to enjoy a satisfying and fulfilling relationship."

Mahlobo, who has also launched a pregnancy education initiative where she shared valuable information with women in the townships, says becoming a relationship coach and motivational speaker came by default.

"I never dreamt that I would be a relationship coach or a motivational speaker," she says.

"I migh have been speaking some truths about relationships that most women have never heard anywhere else before and then they bugged me to talk some more. They went home to implement what I was saying and it worked.

"When they came back they brought 20 other girls who had relationship challenges with them and demanded that I talk.

"When I realised I was swamped with requests for help, I formalised my services and registered Perfect Gal."

She says her "Perfect Gal 101" help women transform from being normal girls to being Perfect Galz.

"Perfect Gal 101 has helped women realise that the power to achieve their goals in relationships, careers, business or as mothers," says Mahlobo.

"I have assisted them to awaken the power they have always had but never utilised.

"We use tools like self-love, signature scent, hobbies, gratitude and forgiveness to help women transform.

"Teaching women the art of seduction is our biggest selling point. We make women aware that you are either a victim or a seductress, the choice is always yours.

"As I have been empowering women with all these skills, I have been learning too. I have learnt to live with gratitude.

"I have learnt to celebrate and appreciate the things I used to take for granted. I have learnt to shift my focus from the negatives in my life and put it right on the positives."

Mahlobo, whose day starts as early as 6am and ends as late as 11pm, says her ultimate goal is to see women and their men living happily ever after.

How to be a relationship coach

To become a relationship coach you must have genuine love for people.

l Be highly empathetic and be willing to put others before you.

l Patience should be at the top of your list of qualities.

l Degrees such as psychology and social-sciences can come in handy