Teachers leading pupils astray

SOWETAN of May 18 had a disturbing story about the abandonment of pupils by teachers who attended a court case involving five of their colleagues.

Soweto children's future is at stake because teachers abandon them at the slightest opportunity.

No wonder why it was difficult to persuade the majority of children outside the Protea magistrate's court for Jub Jub's court case to go back to class.

For teachers to allegedly assaulting a principal must be condemned in the strongest possible terms, no matter what grievances they had.

What are these five teachers teaching our children?

How will we inculcate sound conflict resolution skills in our children if teachers like the ones on trial allegedly resort to violence in order to settle scores with their manager on site.

Apparently the principal is accused of mismanagement of funds, according to the Sadtu regional secretary.

Then there is the threat by the Sadtu regional secretary that: "If the department doesn't want disruptions, they must advise the principal to drop charges. Education will come to a standstill through future court appearances."

If the GDE has not acted on the actions of these five teachers, the next question is, why, because in a disciplinary hearing, you only have to prove a case on a balance of probabilities, unlike in a court of law where a case must be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Kabelo Motshabi,Noordwyk, Midrand