SABC reverts to the old ways

I AM personally let down by reports of unprocedural and unethical processes by some of the SABC board members in the appointment of Phil Molefe as chief of news and current affairs.

I was not expecting these allegations to resurface after what the public broadcaster had been through under the previous board.

A dark cloud is hanging over the appointment of Phil Molefe in his current position. The squabbles and shenanigans that have always characterised operations at the SABC are back.

The move to fill the vacant positions is not flawed, as we all agree, but the issue is how the process unfolded.

Some board members only knew about the appointment from the news bulletin, which shows to what extent procedures were manipulated to suit individual needs.

The primary mandate of the board chaired by Ben Ngubane was to rebuild the public broadcaster from the previous board's mismanagement.

All these allegations, true or not, are painting a grim picture of the leadership of the board.

For Solly Mokoetle to claim that the matter was brought to finality by the whole board, members like David Niddrie and Pippa Green distance themselves, is unfortunate.

The fact is that the panel \delegated to consider and recommend a suitable candidate was bypassed.

The question is: Why was a panel delegated when you you delegated the panel when you knew you will unilaterally consider the SABC booklet on criteria for interviews.

Mashao Mohale, Bolobedu