Cope induces fear in other parties

FEAR and desperation have a funny way of popping up. This is evident from the many ANC people calling for Cope to close shop and come home.

If Cope were really insignificant on the South African political landscape, why are they paying so much attention to it?

Why are they not doing the same to the UDM, PAC and the many offspring of the PAC?

The reality is that these organisations are not worth paying attention to. Ignorance has made some people believe that Cope is about former ANC members, which is not the case.

Cope offered a sense of renewal to local politics and the many people who saw themselves to being apolitical.

More than 60 percent of the membership base of Cope do not come from the ANC. It is just taking time for these people to come through the leadership ranks. Cope has a responsibility to live up to the expectations of South Africans who are yearning for the strengthening of our democracy.

The real litmus test for our democracy will be when the ANC is unseated.

The violent service delivery protests and increased crime are not incidents without base. They are signals of dissatisfaction with the current government.

Such anger among the people and the intolerance towards one another is a signal that the country needs a new government that will set a different vision for the nation.

There is only one party that can stand up to this task and that is Cope, because the other parties are either too small or only appeals to a particular segment of our society - but they do not embrace all South Africans.

Lukhona Mnguni, Umbilo, Durban