Boy (5) abduction case postponed

AT LEAST two men involved in the kidnapping of 5-year-old Samuel Amoes are still on the loose, a private sleuth who investigated his abduction has said.

While the two men charged with Samuel's kidnapping appeared in the Johannesburg magistrate's court yesterday, private investigator Declan Condon said at least two others, possibly known to the family, were still at large.

"The suspects I have in mind are family members. I have my own thoughts about who could be involved and why," Condon said. "I have told this to the police and my clients.

"There are individuals in the family I believe should be looked at.

"They had time, opportunity and financial reasons for being involved in such a set up."

Samuel was kidnapped by four armed men at a church in Troyeville, Johannesburg, on May 9.

The case of Francisco Jose and Fernando Jamba, both charged with Samuel's kidnapping, was postponed to June 1 for verification of their identification and travel documents.

A third man, Domingo Jacob Santiego, will appear in court today on a charge of money laundering.

After a tip-off the police arrested Jose at a house in Troyeville on May 15. He led them to Jamba at a house in Bedfordview in eastern Johannesburg.

Police spokesperson Warrant-Officer Richard Munyai said Santiego could not account for a vast sum of US dollars found in his possession.

Condon said the Amoeses denied being related to one of the three men, as reported by the police.

Munyai would not comment on Condon's allegations. He said police investigations were continuing.

Samuel is the son of a wealthy couple with mining interests in Angola. A ransom of about R1million was paid two days after the incident for his release.