Tutu must be pushing for transformation

ARCHBISHOP Emeritus Desmond Tutu applauding the Blue Bulls' decision to play in Soweto as the best development ever, goes to show how shallow we black people can be.

Tutu is reported to have said the decision by the Bulls to play their Super 14 rugby semifinal in Soweto is the "most important development in the sport since the Springboks won the World Cup in 1995".

He is also quoted as having said that all South Africans should applaud the move.

"It is one of those special South African moments that proves we are better off for having one another, continued Tutu.

How can a "supposed" apartheid fighter be content that a white sport code, after 16 years of democracy, has decided to play in Soweto?

Does that amount to sport transformation in the eyes of the bishop?

It is people like Tutu who have created the present situation in which the reconciliation, which we have been hoping for, is one-sided - all from blacks and nothing from whites.

Blacks are reduced to victims who must apologise to their perpetrators because people like Tutu are so desperate to be seen as very nice in the eyes of whites that they will ululate for every smile a white person gives a black person.

It is quite shameful that when we have serious and deep-rooted transformation of white sports, rugby and cricket people like Tutu want blacks to be grateful that a lily-white rugby team will be playing in a black township.

Tutu is supposed to be propagating and agitating for sports transformation rather than exposing his shallowness.

Luther Lebelo, Kyalami