Still no gender equity in politics

MEN, few as they are compared to women in our country, continue to dominate politics. How different are they from minority white males who dominate top management in the private sector? They are no different at all.

Are ANC women premiers used as pawns in the political game? Or is the ANC trying to bring about balance in as far as gender equity is concerned in provincial politics?

All ANC women premiers are lame ducks and unpopular within provincial structures. The sad thing is that this is by design, not fate.

Female ANC premiers are not incapable or incompetent. It just exposes the gender politics at play. The cause of the problem for women premiers is the two centres of power.

There is no rule that says provincial chairs should be premiers. The two centres of power, especially in provinces, is causing serious problems. Isn't it time provincial chairpersons become premiers?

All women premiers dance to the tune of provincial leadership. Since Nomvula Mokonyane lost to her bitter rival, Paul Mashatile, she's skating on thin ice. There is talk that she might be forced to reshuffle her cabinet or be removed as premier. Talk about a lame duck premier.

I didn't shed a tear when she lost. Her arrogance and lack of political shrewdness cost her the position. But her loss is a blow for gender equity.

It remains a concern that women are used to window-dress as premiers, just affirmative-action appointed managers, while they have no power.

Thabile Mange, Kagiso