Safe home for kids during Cup

HOPE Africa has developed a "holiday club" to provide shelter for displaced children during the World Cup.

The social development programme of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, Hope Africa is working closely with Scripture Union, Ultimate Goal and volunteers.

The aim of the project, which Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba has commended, is to provide a safe environment, meals and entertainment for children aged 6 to 13.

Makgoba also endorsed preparations made by civil society organisations to address the societal issues that accompany such global events as the World Cup.

"Chief among these concerns is human trafficking, which parts of civil society have worked hard to address ahead of the World Cup.

"Workshops have been held, teachers and students have been trained to recognise the signs of someone who is in danger from human trafficking," Makgoba said.

"Comprehensive legislation has been introduced to Parliament (and though, sadly, it will not be passed in time for the World Cup, it will nonetheless provide comprehensive protection and benefits in the near future); and organisations have developed programmes which provide safe spaces for children in the extended school holidays during the World Cup.

"The programme is being piloted in the Diocese of False Bay in Western Cape. At present more than 70 clubs are planned, offering safe space for more than 5000 children," Makgoba said.

"The format for this programme has been circulated to all the dioceses of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa so that wherever appropriate, it can be implemented around the country.

"It can also be adapted for use in conjunction with other events. I want to commend Hope Africa and its partners for their efforts."