Small company with big dreams

AIMING HIGH: Ashifa Shabbaand Tshidino Ndou. 23/05/2010. © Sowetan.
AIMING HIGH: Ashifa Shabbaand Tshidino Ndou. 23/05/2010. © Sowetan.

IN AN effort to prevent Polokwane musicians from moving to Jozi, a new recording company has been set up in the area.

Vhadimo Entertainment, owned by Tshidino Ndou, is a small company with big dreams.

It is embarking on a mission that will see Limpopo musicians making it big in their own province instead of shifting to Jozi.

Ndou said he made this decision after the Durban- kwaito group Big Nuz proved to many developing artists that they could make it big just where they were.

Big Nuz won two major South African Music Awards this year.

"My mission is to plough back into the community that has supported me. I recently opened a music shop in Polokwane and give local artists a platform," Ndou said. "My aim is to give Polokwane artists a break and to see if I can promote them."

Ndou, who is also a well-known filmmaker, said he had spoken to Limpopo artists such as Zozo, Rapson Rambuwani, TMan Gavin, Percy Mukwevho, Humbulani Ramagwedzha, Owen Gabara, Burning Doctor, Ashifa Shabba, Tsunami and King Rap, who applauded the idea.

Ndou called on other businesspeople in the province to do what Durban has done by investing in their own artists.

"Look at what Durban groups do. They stay in Durban and establish their brands there," he said.