THE Limpopo department of health and social development said yesterday it was satisfied with the services given to a woman who died at the Louis Trichardt Memorial Hospital three weeks ago.

Department spokesperson Roleta Lebelo said they would neither take action against nurses who attended to the woman nor probe them.

But the late Sylvester Mpe's family disagreed with the authorities' claims that they were satisfied with the treatment given to their relative.

Lebelo had issued a statement claiming the family was happy with the treatment given to Mpe, who apparently died as a result of complications with her pregnancy when she was due to deliver her baby. Both died at the hospital.

Maggie Mametja disputed the claims, saying it was not true that they were satisfied.

"We could not have complained had we been satisfied," she said.

This follows allegations that Mpe had died at the hospital as a result of the nurses' negligence.

The heavily pregnant Mpe had labour pains when she was admitted at the institution on May 9.

It was alleged that nurses put her on a drip to relieve her pain and left her alone.

The pain reportedly worsened, forcing her to scream for help, but no one helped her.

Nurses on duty at the institution allegedly told her she was "just going through normal labour pains". But she was later found dead.

Lebelo said a report they received from hospital authorities, signed by the dead woman's family, indicated the family was happy with the service accorded the deceased.

"We received a report indicating that the family was satisfied with the service they received from our officials at the Louis Trichardt Memorial Hospital and we are not going to take action against any of our officials because they had done nothing wrong," Lebelo said.

She said they had not received any complaint.

"The fact that the family never cited any form of complaint or dissatisfaction with the services rendered to them is indicative that they did not have any problem. So we were surprised by the sudden turn of events," she said.

Lebelo said the woman was gravely ill and even the family had concurred with the nurses on her condition.

Mpe and her unborn child were buried at her home village of De Vrede in Senwabarwana two weeks ago.