Glitterati do it for Bafana

DESIGN District in Rosebank was a mix of flamboyant colour on Friday, with celebrities, fashionistas, designers, soccer stars and models partying up a storm to celebrate the countdown to the World Cup, which kicks off in 17 days today.

The event, organised by SA Fashion Week, was aimed at showing support for Bafana Bafana.

Celebrities were decked out in local designer clothes.

And, as always, Khanyi Mbau brought Rosebank to a standstill when she arrived with an entourage of Soprano Bikers to the excitement of passers-by and guests.

It was Clive Rundle, who dressed model Adhiambo Mula-Lauwers, who attracted more attention when he took the honours for the best design - to the disappointment of many designers who called his outfit dull and colourless.

Rundle used a transparent black dress and a pair of panties emblazoned with soccer lingo. The outfit was a mishmash of a makarapa with tulle and colours inspired by Moroka Swallows.

Ole Ledimo of House of Olé was upset when Rundle won.

"Clive's outfit was dull and there is nothing Bafana about it," Ledimo complained.

Rundle said those who felt that his outfit was not inspiring were jealous .

"How can an outfit inspired by David Beckham and John Terry not inspire judges?" he asked.

SA Fashion Week owner Lucille Booysen said their message was that you could still go with a designer look while showing your support for Bafana.

Gerry Elsdon modelled one of the designer outfits.