Limpopo DJ cries foul over royalties

LIMPOPO DJ Arthur Sebola, aka DJ Fantastic of Thobela FM, claims the directors of a Pretoria-based recording company have used his name without his permission.

Sebola says Eidel 2 Aime Music used his name without permission to boost the company's sales because he "is famous".

He says the company refuses to pay him royalties generated by the sale of his album, Fantastic House Story, which he recorded in March last year.

Sebola, who is planning to record another album next month, this time independently, claims his album has done very well since its release.

He says Fantastic House Story has topped the charts on various SABC radio stations, including Thobela FM, Munghana Lonene and PhalaPhala FM. He claims his CDs were sold out in every store where they were displayed.

Sebola, a teacher in Limpopo, also presents O be o le kae?, a programme on Thobela FM, on Fridays and Saturdays.

He says because of his fame a director of Eidel 2 Aime Music, Edwin Myburg, might have used his name to boost his company's sales.

Sebola told Sowetan when he approached the company they promised to pay him without telling him when they would deposit the money into his account.

"The company has been lying to me all along. I feel it is unfair to treat me this way," Sebola says.

He says Myburg used to take his phone calls "but now he just ignores them".

Sebola says he will record a new album independently next month because he now realises that "recording companies in Gauteng exploits artists".

Victor Kali, DJ Fantastic's ex-manager, admitted that Sebola had not been paid his royalties.

Kali says DJ Fantastic's album did not do well in the market.

"The money it generated did not even cover production of the CD. The album and its official launch were in fact a total flop.

"On top of that, DJ Fantastic never signed a contract with us," Kali says.