Lifelong bond

AS WE reported yesterday, S'mangele Ngubeni is pleading for the return of her three- month-old baby girl after a fake Good Samaritan vanished with the infant.

Given the Mother Hen syndrome women are naturally imbued with, this is just one snatching too many. Whatever the charm of the would-be snatchers, this shouldn't happen.

It is no use telling 18-year-old Ngubeni she should have known better since this might well be her first child. But Mother Nature, in her eternal wisdom, has given all mothers a gut feeling to hold on to their young.

The red lights should flicker incessantly the minute a total stranger offers to look after your child - whatever the demeanour of the one wishing to assist.

The umbilical cord between mother and child isn't just something to be severed at the hospital; it is a lifelong bond.