The ANC will not rule SA forever

I AM actually shocked to hear President Jacob Zuma continually saying that the ANC will rule for a very long time.

In 2008 he told the media that his organisation would lead the government until Jesus Christ's return. He was challenged by the South African Council of Churches for using the name of Jesus disrespectfully.

But the then ANC spokesperson Jessie Duarte was quick to defend him. She said there was nothing disrespectful in using that name because the ANC was established by religious leaders.

Political analyst Themba Sono voiced his concerns about the use of the word "rule" in our democracy.

He emphasised that the ANC was a governing party in a democracy, not a ruling party. Referring to the ANC as a ruling party would mean South Africa was a monocracy.

That would mean one political party would be in government forever. That is exactly what Zuma refers to when he says the ANC will rule for a very long, long time.

This is what Zuma said to Parliament: "The day the ANC will be removed from power is very, very, very far. if it will ever come."

Experience has shown that people possess all the authority to eliminate any government from power if it does not deliver.

It is not presidents who decide whether or not to stay in power. It is the people. We have, over the years seen Americans democratically change their government by voting for their own preferred candidate.

Mashao Mohale, Sekhimine