'crooks stole my inheritance'

A SOLE beneficiary of a fortune washes cars at a taxi rank to earn a living becauseadministrators of the estate paid out his inheritance to people he alleges fraudulently claimed it.

A SOLE beneficiary of a fortune washes cars at a taxi rank to earn a living becauseadministrators of the estate paid out his inheritance to people he alleges fraudulently claimed it.

Douglas Mahlangu from Tsakane in Ekuhurleni, Gauteng, alleges that this fraudulent act was facilitated by a Johannesburg attorney who claimed to be the mother of his late father's child.

At stake is R600000 his mother stood to inherit in 2008.

Mahlangu's father, Jacob, died in March 2008. After his death, his relatives claimed a share of his provident fund.

Mahlangu's mother, Julia, enlisted the services of attorney Daphney Mosina, who operates her practice from Khotso House, Marshall Street, Johannesburg.

Mahlangu said Mosina later issued a summons interdicting the estate administrators from paying the relatives, but before the matter could be heard in the Supreme Court, his mother died.

He notified Mosina about his mother's death and she undertook to pursue the matter.

"Mosina said I should wait for six months for the payment. I waited, but then she was not interested in talking to me," Mahlangu said.

He then went to the human resources department of Kellogg's, where his father had worked, to find out about his father's provident payout.

They told him Mosina's child was also a beneficiary because his late father had had a child with her.

"So the administrators invested R176994 for a minor child I do not know," Mahlangu said.

Sowetan is in possession of Mahlangu senior's will drawn up in 2006, in which he nominated his wife and son as his heirs.

Kellogg's personnel gave Mahlangu junior a statement showing how the funds were distributed.

He said he could only recognise his mother's name and that of her aunt on the list of beneficiaries.

"I have never seen or met the two other ghosts who posed as my father's niece and nephew," he said.

Mosina told Consumer Line that Kellogg's had deposited Julia Mahlangu's money into an FNB account she had helped her open in December 2008.

She did not know how much Kellogg's had paid into that account or how much was at stake, but said Mrs Mahlangu later transferred it into her Absa account.

Mosina confirmed that she had issued a summons stopping Kellogg's from paying the relatives.

"We withdrew the case after Julia Mahlangu passed away.

"We can only reinstate it if the surviving heir can bring proof that Kellogg's paid the inheritance to fraudsters," Mosina said.

Consumer Line has discovered that Mosina is not registered with the Law Society of the Northern Province. She said she was registered as an attorney through marriage.

"I work with my husband, who is an attorney," Mosina said.

She denied that she mothered a child with the late Mahlangu or had ever made such a claim to Kellogg's human resources.

"These guys are now saying I have a child with Mahlangu," she said, shouting to her husband who she had earlier said was in court defending a client.

Daniel Matabane and Annie Naidu of Kellogg's confirmed that NBC paid over R600000 to the disputed beneficiaries, adding that Mahlangu was not a valid beneficiary.

"We have a warrant of arrest against the surviving heir for causing trouble," Matabane said.

The Kellogg's officials were shocked when Consumer Line told them Sowetan is in possession of a will drawn up by the late Mahlangu.

"We did not know that, and we paid out the funds only after doing a thorough investigation," the pair said.

They undertook to seek legal advice for further comment.

Absa has confirmed the will was valid and are still administering the late Mahlangu's estate account.

Absa's Joyce Manaka, who is working on the file, said NBC had not paid any money into Mahlangu's estate account.

Manaka and Mosina undertook to give further written comment before Sowetan's publication, but have not done so. The administrators also undertook to comment, but have not.