Do not dump ANC cadres

I AM disappointed because the government and ANC want to to do away with cadre deployment.

The ANC is selling us out to the opposition by disowning us. The reality is that ANC cadres in the movement are willing to work and die for it and for a better life.

Does this mean that those holding top positions in the provinces, regions and branches will be disadvantaged in being employed in local government because of their activism in ANC structures?

Is the ANC encouraging local leaders to resign from top positions in order to work in local government?

Why is our government so cowardly when it comes to loyal cadres just to impress the unimpressive and weak opposition?

In the ANC we have highly qualified cadres who are local leaders and office bearers. Unfortunately, due to this decision they are disadvantaged in being employed in local government.

The government must know that we are the ANC and we put them in office.

We don't have a problem with employing qualified and accountable professionals. We cannot do without them. They are a necessity for better service delivery, but they are not angels. Like any individual they can also be corrupt.

The government is wrong to make it a law not to deploy cadres in local government as if our local leaders are evil.

Ministers are also ANC cadres deployed in government.

Gift Ziya, Edenvale