Ask for vehicle form at border

MANY visitors travelling to South Africa for the World Cup will make a holiday of it and do the tourist thing.

If you plan to travel to Swaziland you should be aware of a new government initiative to shore up their meagre finances.

All foreign-registered vehicles, including hired vehicles, entering Swaziland are required to carry a form DA 65 from South African customs at the border as you leave.

The Swazi authorities are setting up roadblocks on the main routes into Swaziland and all foreign-registered vehicles unable to produce this form are seized and impounded.

This leaves you with the unenviable task of returning to the border using public transport to try and get the form, which would be the height of frustration.

If you fail to get the form within 14 days or pay a duty of 14 percent of the value of the vehicle, the vehicle will be forfeited and auctioned.

While I am sure you will not lose any sleep over the loss of the vehicle to the hire company, you can imagine what this event would do to your holiday plans if it is your own car.

According to the Swazi media they have seized more than 80 vehicles since April.

I have only been issued the form on two occasions and some border posts don't issue the form at all unless specifically requested.

As the saying goes, "ignorance is no excuse."

Please remember to ask for the form on entry.

Norman De Plum, Gauteng