Malema is punished for being honest

JULIUS Malema should not have been charged for calling a white journalist who continued insulting him an agent, for calling Eugène Terre'Blanche a racist, for singing a liberation song that has been sung for the past 16 years and for comparing Jacob Zuma with Thabo Mbeki.

Steve Biko will be turning in his grave because a national liberation movement, in charge nogal , has charged a national youth leader and not condemned the national commissioner of police for attending the funeral of a right-wing racist, who has a history of killing blacks for no apparent reason.

Biko will be turning even faster because Malema is being disciplined for calling Terre'Blance a racist. Even PW Botha, during his reign of terror, saw no need to prosecute anyone for such a label because the label is correct in all facets.

Terre'Blance himself had confessed that he was a racist, so why prosecute Malema?

Despite it being illegal to use the k-word, Terre'Blance did so with impunity. He insulted all black people and their presidents too. He used a stick that had a Nelson Mandela lookalike monkey face in public and there were no repercussions.

On the charge that Malema purportedly pleaded guilty to, what is wrong with the youth leader having compared Zuma and Mbeki?

How many times was Mbeki not compared to OR Tambo, Mandela and even Zuma - and people remained mum.

But more importantly, the ANC must understand that it has created a precedent.

We will be watching closely to see if the organisation maintains the same level of consistency towards all its leaders and the people at all times.

Luther Lebelo, Kyalami