Young blood

FOR those with no wish to turn a blind eye, the world is clearly changing. Fast. And the biggest change is in how nations are ruled - and by whom.

When he took office, US president Barack Obama, now 49, set the tone and became the embodiment of a new breed of youthful world leadership.

Hot on his heels follows David Cameron who, at 43, is the youngest British prime minister in 200 years. If anything, this latest election should be a warning to the world's eternal presidents - and the first who comes to mind is Zimbabwe's octogenarian Robert Mugabe - that their time is long up.

In his first recorded sound bites, Cameron is quoted saying Britain's "best days lie ahead".

There's no doubt that the world, and the natives themselves, would like to hear the same said about Zimbabwe.

But first Mugabe, 86, needs to make way for fresh blood.