Shivambu is going astray

I READ with utter dismay the comment of African National Congress Youth League spokesperson Floyd Nyiko Shivambu, pictured.

He said President Jacob Zuma has appointed an "open racist" to his cabinet in Deputy Transport Minister Jeremy Cronin.

How can a leader of the ANCYL and Young Communist League refer to a senior leader of the ANC national executive committee, a central committee and Politburo member of the South African Communist Party, as "an open racist"?

Shivambu has insulted the p resident and the entire leadership of the ANC.

Shivambu must not think that his bullying behaviour will stop the progressive thinking of Comrade Jeremy Cronin or his engaging in matters that are of national importance. Cronin is a leader of the South African Communist Party and a key Marxist.

He is independent, unlike Shivambu, who is in the pockets of crony capitalists and tenderpreneurs.

His "newly established" anti-communist tendencies will never succeed in our movement. His handlers had previously failed in this endeavour he is currently pursuing. This is the movement of Chris Hani, Moses Kotane, Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and many other heroes. They were disciplined because they knew that future generations had to learn from them.

Who taught Shivambu such conduct? It can't be the above heroes. His love for money and bling has turned him into a creature that we do not recognise anymore.

He has, in the short period since his election to the youth league's national executive committee, become an extension of capital.

During this period he also became very shallow in his polemics.

His continued courting of demagoguery leaves a bitter taste in all our mouths.

Instead of engaging comrades politically, he is resorting to bullying tactics that are anti-ANC and the mass democratic movement in general.

Shivambu is running the risk of becoming like Willie Madisha and others who left the ANC because they were scared of the communists and trade unionists in the ANC.

The ANC is the disciplined force of the left. Shivambu must know this and stop behaving like a headless chicken.

Matankana MothapoMember - YCL, ANCYL, Auckland Park