THE ongoing impasse between pupils and teachers at Marobathota High School has brought teaching to a complete halt.

Stakeholders are scheduled to hold a meeting on Saturday to try and resolve the impasse.

Lessons have not been taking place since last week after pupils accused some of the teachers of being lazy.

The pupils had resorted to locking the teachers out of the school premises, allowing in only those they allegedly approved of.

This was after teachers had stopped work after the appointment of an acting principal at the school.

The acting principal was allegedly imposed on the teachers by both the provincial department of education and school governing body.

Following the appointment of the acting principal, teachers affiliated to the South African Democratic Teachers Union downed tools, accusing the authorities of failing to follow proper procedures with the appointment.

The acting principal was believed to be a member of the Professional Educators Union and also a member of the Zion Christian Church, which owns the school.

The matter was deliberated on by all affected parties, including the church, department and teachers.

It was then resolved last week that an official from the department would be appointed on an interim basis to head the school for a period of three months while the post is advertised for a suitable candidate.

But, the pupils continued with their action to lock out the teachers. They also barred the interim official from entering the school.

The spokesperson for the education department Ndo Mangala said yesterday they were hoping the meeting scheduled for Saturday between the pupils, the church council, parents and the department would yield positive results.