Looking after the skin in winter

LAYERS of clothing and dull colours should not fool anyone into thinking they can neglect their beauty regimen in winter.

Gone is the notion that "black don't crack" and looking frumpy because of winter. Looking good at this time of the year means replenishing what your body, particularly the skin, loses due to the drop in temperatures.

There is generally less moisture in the air in winter, which can have an effect on the skin.

Though the sun might not be as warm as it is during the summer months, it can still have a detrimental effect on the skin - so ditching the sunscreen in winter is not a good idea.

The skin is also exposed a lot to dry and harsh air from heaters as we spend more time holed up indoors.

A humidifier will not only add moisture to the air, but also to the skin.

Nibbling on water-rich foods will also add moisture to the skin, helping to keep it from drying out.