US magazine honoursWax

CAMEROON-born musician Wax turned 29 on Sunday.

CAMEROON-born musician Wax turned 29 on Sunday.

And a perfect gift for the human rights activist is landing on the cover of Ladybrille magazine in the US.

The Pretoria-based musician and human rights activist has been named Man of the Month by the top American fashion and life style magazine and graces the May cover.

Wax - real name Nde Ndifonka - says he was surprised by the honour, especially because he knew very little about the magazine.

Ladybrille magazine is dubbed Africa's number one fashion and entertainment magazine for the West.

"I heard about the news last week. I am very excited, especially because I have been travelling to the US doing shows and human rights issues," says Wax.

"It is good that I'm being recognised in the US for what I do. This is a recognition from a magazine that I did not even know about.

The editor said this recognition came about because of two things: my musical ability and my involvement with human rights issues as a UN human rights ambassador."

Wax, who has lived in South Africa for seven years, studied law before pursuing a career in music, and his passion for people and music has remained intertwined since then.

He delivers deeply loaded lyrics that address social issues. He has worked in human rights for several years, and travels across continents regularly to help raise funds for charity and give talks on pressing issues affecting Africa.

But the record label owner insists he is not only a social activist, as shown by his hit love song Miss Real, Mr Regular. He also recently made headlines when he released a World Cup song dedicated to women.