Lesiba plotting to oust sinyabi

CHALLENGER Themba Lesiba is confident that he can oust Macbute Sinyabi as the South African junior featherweight boxing champion at Nasrec, Joburg, on Friday night.

But Sinyabi's trainer, Nick Durandt, who always shoots from the hip, told Sowetan yesterday that there was no hope in hell that Lesiba would dethrone his charge.

"Sinyabi carries two anaesthetics - the local one in his left and the general one in his right. So Themba will have to choose the one he prefers to put him to sleep," Durandt warned.

In surgical procedures the local anaesthetic numbs the part of the body that would otherwise feel pain while the general one renders the patient unconscious.

Putting his foes to sleep is what "Macman" Sinyabi has done well. Thirteen of his victims were left counting the stars, except for Bongani Mahlangu, who turned the tables on Sinyabi in one round in 2007.

Durandt described his athletic, stand-up boxer-fighter as a crowd pleaser.

"You cannot afford to take your eyes off the fight when Sinyabi is in action," Durandt said. "You do that, then it's over. That is who he is."

But Leonard Lesiba, who hones the skills of his son in Orange Farm, is sure of a successful coup.

"Sinyabi's durability is key. If he can take a punch then there will be war, but if he cannot, then our mission will be accomplished earlier than expected," said the soft-spoken but intimidating mentor who guided Lesiba to victory for both the Baby Champs title in 2008 and the Gauteng provincial title last year.

But Lesiba could be ring-rusty. He last fought in September. His father dismissed that notion.

"Speed and power will be on display," Leonard warned. Lesiba has nine wins (3 KOs) and a draw.

This title fight, which will be Sinyabi's fourth defence, will top Knockout Promotions' bill and will be televised live on Blow by Blow at 10pm.