How politics have worsened under the ANC

IN THE beginning politics was an arena from which intellectually stimulating debates and constructively progressive arguments emanated.

It was a space where the brighter future of a country was contemplated. It was a sphere where weak, indefensible and illogical arguments were shredded to pieces, a space where deep critical thinkers emerged victorious to lead others.

That situation has changed for the worse. The world has become too tolerant and accommodates mediocrity as a substitute for empirical arguments.

Qualities inherent in good political leadership are being shunted for superficial acts of decency.

Nowadays the South African political leadership terrain is secured through singing, vulgarity, disrespect and criminal behaviour.

Material wealth has become the vehicle to secure a high number of votes.

Education, a modern way of testing, growing and developing mentality has become a loathed and discouraged trait.

How and when things changed remains a mystery as the history of the ANC shows that the party valued education.

Rampant arrogance and corruption from ANC leaders has become a national trademark in which the national vision is veiled behind nihility.

With the way the country's vision and objective are confused under the ANC, without such collective vision many envisage the party's reign coming to the end within the next two decades.

The party's leaders need to realise that national objectives are more important than their inflated egos.

Phillimon Mnisi, Johannesburg