Nafcoc stance applauded

THE National African Federated Chamber of Commerce's position that white women must no longer be regarded as previously disadvantaged in terms of the Employment Equity Act and BEE is applauded and should be encouraged.

Our post-1994 conciliatory mode misled us to classify them as disadvantaged because the wealth and privilege of their parents and husbands obviously filtered to them.

Worse, some change-resisting whites, who are still in the majority, used this as a loophole through which, to satisfy their dislike of blacks, appoint white females. No wonder that white women are over-represented.

The latest statistics further shows that Indians are also over-represented, making a case for also stripping them of the classification.

Perhaps a case should be made for a law that allows the minister to interfere where a particular race and or gender is over-represented and promote those races and or the gender that might be neglected, which in our case,will be blacks and coloureds.

This flexibility or interference clause will go a long way to ensuring that the government's dream of levelling the playing field is fairly achieved.

But of more importance is that investigations should be done to ascertain why it is that despite the act being there, and supposedly in force, white males continue to increase their threshold in senior management while at the same time fronting our people at will.

Luther Lebelo, Kyalami