Honeymoon over for Cope

THE Congress of the People is strongly urged to clean up its house.

THE Congress of the People is strongly urged to clean up its house.

The conduct of its cadres and leaders in the past months has been one disgrace after another. Leaders hurl insults at each other and cadres resort to fisticuffs in public.

A party that controls seven percent of the total vote in the country has to build up its support base.

Cope instead is busy dissipating the goodwill shown by the voters. Come the next election it will be an also ran like the splinter groups of the Africanist movement.

The vicious fights for positions in the party have led to a suspicion that the party was formed simply to advance the political careers of certain individuals who lost out at the Polokwane conference. There is now a suspicion that Cope came about because ambitious men lost their grip on power.

These were the people who opposed the Zuma faction without having an alternative slate of their own. To date, it is not clear what their policies are - a year away from the crucial local elections. It does not help that these same leaders are the ones who failed to deliver on people's expectations in the last government.

We urge Cope to use this hiatus to find out what people want, publicise their policies, and build a bigger slice of voter support. South Africa is a complex country that needs more parties to voice the people's aspirations. But we do not need Taiwanese style politics in a country as volatile as ours.

Get to work, Cope, the honeymoon is over.