THE Mangosuthu University of Technology is taking former vice-chancellor Aaron "Mseshi" Ndlovu to court to force him to repay more than R6million in salary overpayments.

The money had been earned by Ndlovu since 2003.

According to the summons in Sowetan's possession Ndlovu is obligated to repay the university R6652625,39 with interest oft 15,5percent per annum on each overpayment he received.

The university alleges that Ndlovu was paid remuneration in excess of what was due to him over the period between June 15 2003 to May 15 2009.

Papers have already been filed in court and also sent to Ndlovu's lawyers.

The university is also demanding that Ndlovu repay R1215124 in leave encashment that he made the institution's finance department pay him for his leave days.

This was despite the fact that his contract stated that he was supposed to take leave and not cash on the days not taken.

Ndlovu allegedly further received R3528977 as "performance bonuses", which had not been authorised and approved by the council.

University council chairperson Jerome Ngwenya said after a forensic investigation conducted in May last year it was revealed that Ndlovu used his powers as most senior employee of the institution to give instruction that he be paid a remuneration that wes not due to him in terms of his contract.

Ngwenya said Ndlovu knew very well that any substantial increase in his salary had to be approved by council before it became valid.

Ndlovu was suspended from the university in 2008 after allegations of fraud, corruption and poor governance surfaced.

He was on paid suspension until December last year when his contract with the university expired.

The university also wants Ndlovu to pay for the vehicle belonging to the university that he is stillin possession of.

The vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee, had a book value of R44869 and a market value of R119500 at the time of purchase.

The internal disciplinary committee probing Ndlovu's fraud charges sits next week.

The trial date for the court case has not yet been set.

The university advertised the vice-chancellor position last year, but an appointment has still to be made.